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May 10 Happy Hour, Games and Planning Discussions

Hey!  Come see our new home: Bravo! Bravo!  1001 Connecticut Ave NW (at L).
………$4.00 Happy Hour cocktails
………18 years old and up can get in no problem.
………15 foot wide wall of LED screens just waiting for our first District Arcade event!
………20 foot wide couches for enjoying the 15-foot screen!
Seriously, Bravo! Bravo! is a centrally located spot that holds 1800 people, where we can have quiet speaker events, semi private happy hours and also make use of giant screens and huge lounge spaces for game demos and hopefully, if we get enough people to help us plan it … our first District Arcade!

Melanie will buy a drink for whomever takes the best promotional photo for IGDA-DC in its new social events spot!    We are playing Drinkards –get it on your Android device now!

We are planning to ramp up to have a District Arcade event, where we show off local games and compete for popular votes to be the IGDA-DC game of the year.  Can your dual stick 4 person shooter beat iCivics? Can your multiplayer drinking game beat out a rail shooter… a railroad shooter in the old west??? What games have the Smithsonian Science education folks made recently?  Soooo many local developers released games on big stores this year.  This mash up of genres and talent only happens here in the DC area. Let’s celebrate it, support each other and enjoy it!

This new plan is Melanie Stegman‘s brain child and Callen Shaw, Joshua Jennings, Rae Heitkamp, and James Jean-Claude are all running for spots on this new and expanded Board!  The rest of the current board are all staying around to help us and to help recruit YOU to join up!  We need you!

Come out to Bravo! Bravo! on May 10, May 24 or June 7 to meet us, join us, and have some fun!

Bravo! Bravo! is at 1001 Connecticut Ave NW at L Street.  18 and older are welcome.


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Melanie Stegman

Melanie works on her game Immune Defense nights and weekends and sometimes presents her thoughts on introducing science through games.

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  1. Hey! This meeting was super fun!! We have two more board member volunteers!! And we got two committee member volunteers as well. Several people told me tonight that they read our new plan and liked it…and volunteered because it seems like we will be able to do more cool things.
    Tyler Gregg and Hugo Minera both volunteers tonight.
    Come to BravoBravo May 24 for Jesse’s tal on DrSpacezoo and hear more from our board and talk plans!!

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