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IGDA DC – Elections 2016

Announcing the candidates for our 2016 IGDA Board! Elections will be held June 7, 2016. Here is our plan for the 2016-2017: IGDA Plan 2016-2017.

Be at Bravo! Bravo! by 8pm to vote.  Arrive at 6:30 to network, play games (Tumbleweed Express or your game if you bring it).  Come out and support us!  1001 Connecticut Ave, NW DC  Right next to Farragut North Metro stop.

Join us in our work: reaching out to K-12, college, indie, non-profit and professional communities who are interested in games. We are planning a quarterly arcade event and we collaborate with a wide range of other exciting groups, including the Unity Users Group, Coder, Designer, Kegger, Gaming in Public, MAGFest and the Smithsonian Indie Arcade. Working with us is a great way to network and get new skills.  Read about our events at

Come to our events or contact us though this site or our MeetUp page.  We would love to hear form you!  Our email: igda.dc at

The Board, assistants, and members.

The Board, assistants, and members.

Board Chair – Melanie Stegman

I am a indie game developer here in DC. I am the owner of Molecular Jig Games, working on Immune Defense and Diffusion. I came to DC in 2008, having just left a post doc in biochemistry and microbiology. To learn more about game development started up/re-started up an IGDA chapter in DC. I have lived in Seattle, made friends with their IGDA chapter and their indie game developers.

I am proud to be the chair of the IGDA-DC! So many people in the DC metro area who are doing things to support game developers, indie games, the growth of games as an art, as an industry. Being organized enough so that the work can be spread over a larger group of people will make the job of our Board members easier and help us accomplish more. To this end, I wrote our draft IGDA-DC plan, posted at Read that plan and you will see clearly the kind of board chair you will get.

Board Vice Chair – Callen Shaw

Having lived in the DMV area for about 4 years now, I have a fond appreciation for our local #Gamedev scene. From hard-working college students, to upstart studios, to loners moonlighting on their passion projects, while working full time in a high-pressure job. I’ve seen all kinds of game developers here, and each one has a story as unique as the games they produce. IGDA-DC has already been such a valuable resource for myself and others, that I feel compelled to help it grow and mature even more.

There are so many other groups doing fascinating things – virtual reality meetups, game dev groups from Reston to Greenbelt, tech entrepreneur gatherings, and so on. I want to see IGDA-DC take a central role in coordinating and collaborating with anyone interested in games and interactive entertainment. This work has already started, with two of our board candidates (myself and J. Jennings) also running a gamers’ group, Gaming in Public, and a third candidate (J. Jean-Claude) whose Coder/Designer Keggers group has hosted four Game Developer Symposia events.

As an aspiring indie developer (with 10 released Xbox 360 Indie Games and a successful Kickstarter campaign) I understand the challenges of building games and finding an audience for them. I will work to bring in new members, keep current members engaged, and collaborate with outside groups, all to enhance the visibility of IGDA-DC members, their games, and the DC game developer community at-large.

Secretary of Media – Joshua Jennings

Hi, I’m Joshua Jennings and I’m running for Secretary of Social Media for IGDA DC. I’m a game developer who works on educational and serious games by day, and my own independent games by night! I’m currently working on a relaxing shooter (Ironic, huh?) for Android called “Bubble Buddies.” For the last couple of years, I’ve run local video game enthusiasts’ group Gaming in Public along with my friend and fellow independent game developer Callen Shaw, as well as fellow game enthusiasts Courtney Washington, Ryan Hunter, and Ross Chapman, and I’ve managed the social media accounts for said group. In addition, I’ve maintained the Meetup page and assisted with the Facebook page for IGDA DC, and I believe this combined with my aforementioned activities with Gaming in Public makes me a good fit to manage IGDA DC’s general social media presence. I want to use my position on the board to help the Washington D.C. area game development community grow and help shine a light on all of the fantastic indies in our area who surely deserve a ton of success, so I hope you vote for me. Let’s build a better game development community together!

Secretary of Speakers – James Jean-Claude

James Jean-Claude is a lifelong gamer who aspires to make an impact in the gaming industry on multiple levels. He created his first and only video game in the 7 th Grade (a submarine game), and took a long hiatus from game development, to attempt to become a lawyer, before transitioning into the business world as an entrepreneur. He is getting back into game development as a creator and executive, with a couple of projects in the works. He will try any game at least once, and strives to support the game developer community in any way possible. He always roots for the underdog. He not only appreciates the entertainment value of games, but the bonding opportunities they provide.

Secretary of Logistics – Rae Heitkamp

I am a recent graduate of the American University School of Communication where I received my Master’s degree in Game Design.  I was encouraged to join IGDA DC by my professors, including Chris Totten, the former IGDA DC chair.  I recently founded a monthly newsletter for the DC game design and research community called Indie Cheerleader, which pulls together upcoming deadlines, local events and national conferences in order to support independent game developers.  I live in the neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, and during the day I role-play as a scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research studying bacteria associated with trauma wounds.
I’m running for the position of Secretary of Logistics.
I’m interested in this position because I like to improve the way that events and groups function.  A born pessimist, I tend to focus on the things that are broken in a system.  However, I’ve trained myself to come up with solutions to the problems that I find quickly, which I think makes me a productive teammate. I’m also very interested in getting input from other stakeholders in what can be done better.  If I’m elected, I’ll do my best to make sure IGDA DC’s events run smoothly, and I’ll listen eagerly to the feedback and suggestions you have about the chapter.

Secretary of Legal / Accounting – Tyler Gregg

I’m a former web developer who got tired of writing database code and decided to make video games instead. I’ve been a DC resident for over 10 years and regularly volunteer with organizations in the area teaching kids to program in Unity3D. I’ve worked with many nonprofits and startups, have experience dealing with contracts and bank accounts, and don’t mind taking on that responsibility. I’m really excited about the plans for bigger arcade events and would love to help make that happen.

Secretary of Recruiting – Hugo Minera

Hi, I am a 2D Animator and Game Dev in the DC area. I would like to be the recruiting chair for the IGDA DC. I have been going to meetings/meet-ups and cons/festivals a lot more recently and I have got to say, there is a lot of potential here. There are so many people in the area that are so passionate about the same things I am. We need to find a way to bring all of those wonderfully passionate people into the IGDA DC. When people think of major city game hubs, DC is far down on the list. I think we can change that. We have an excellent plan in place set by the other leaders of the IGDA DC and I really believe in their plan and their ability to pull it off.

I may not be the most well known guy but I work hard. If my job becomes bringing people int meet-ups and game jams then I will do it, somehow. I’ve seen the potential and I believe in the dream. Together we can stop losing talent to NY and CA and start keeping these awesome people in DC.

You can find my work on – My game-demo Bullet Blue is on there. My animations are there as well. I participated in Global Game Jam this year. I am apart of the 32D Club at my alma mater (animation/art group). I know a few very awesome people in the industry that could help somehow I’m sure.

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