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Games Made by Local Groups

A growing list of games made by IGDA DC Developers. Link to their sites and scroll down down their details.

Games you can buy now on Steam!
Tumbleweed Express
Dr. Spacezoo

Games you can buy now on Android!

Greenlit on Steam:
That Rock Paper Scissos Game TRPSG



Tumbleweed Express by Dirigiballers  (Steam)  Coming May 31!
Matthew Mauriello, Jacob Clayman, Andy Varshine, Ben Heard, Duy Le, David To, David Weiss, Keelan Downton, Greg Morningstar, Stephan Nettekoven, Sam Miller, and Jon Heard.

Trains with guns on them in the Wild West! Shoot, upgrade, customize, and mount up to defeat brutal outlaws and ruthless businessmen! Tumbleweed Express is a “Travel Defense” game in which the player controls a steam-powered train that travels along the countryside utilizing mounted weaponry to fend off attacking enemies in a “Western Steampunk” setting. This game concept blends first-person shooters and rail shooters with real time strategy elements to create a unique experience for players in a sprawling 3D world.


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Jesse Ozog presents, Dr. Spacezoo.  (Steam)
Dr. Spacezoo is a chaotic arcade style time-attack twin-stick shoot-em-up packed full of gibs and grease for 1-4 players. Infiltrate Space Zoos and rescue starving exotic space animals from a corrupt AI before time runs out. Procedurally generated levels make each planet a great new adventure.

Click image to buy on Steam.

Xenobloom by Ibology      (Steam)
Bob Saunders (design and programming).
Grant Garrett (art). Devin Vibert (music).

XenoBloom is a sandbox growing game where you shape the evolution of an alien ecosystem, powered by Cellular Automata (and your imagination!)

Callen Shaw presents, Drinkards.  Drinkards is the best damn drinking game around! Originally an Xbox 360 Indie Game, it is now coming to a mobile device near you! The Android build launches March 1st!


Dead Man’s Trail

Chris Totten, Taro Omiya, Navjot Garg, and Alex Estep present, Dead Man’s Trail.  Dead Man’s Trail (DMT) is a zombie survival travel game for PC, Mac, and Linux in the tradition of The Oregon Trail and Organ Trail: Director’s Cut with several modern twists. In Dead Man’s Trail, your party isn’t just a bunch of hungry mouths to feed…

Lyndon Nadel presents Grandpa Jack.  Two adorable Dogs crash through a fast paced 2D Platformer in co-op or Singleplayer.

Melanie Stegman, presents Immune Defense, by Molecular Jig Games.  

Join the oldest battle on Earth. Use receptors and proteins to arm your cells against really pathogens. Immune Defense is a whole new kind of strategy game. Join the oldest battle on Earth. Use receptors and proteins to arm your cells against realpatogens.



Nectar Rush by Quad Interactive
Franklin Campos

Mobile game currently in development: control a small bird, feed on nectar from flowers and unlock world items.


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