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The District Arcade provides local video game developers, designers, artists and musicians a place to present their work for free. The dance floor at Bravo! Bravo! lounge on a Saturday afternoon provides will provide attendees a casual environment to interact with the games, discuss with with game developers and enjoy themselves with their friends. Bravo! Bravo! will have a full bar and kitchen. (Attendees must be 18 years or older).

The DC area has a thriving video game development community and we hope you will come and celebrate it with us. Be a part of game development by providing your feedback to new projects. Find games that have recently been released to commercial success!

MAGFest, our co-hosts are bringing many console games, so you can enjoy the old and the new. The District is brought to you by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA_DC). The IGDA_DC is also a co-host of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Indie Arcade, which will be next August. Each attendee at the District will be given a ticket to vote for their favorite game. The game with the most votes will be shown on the IGDA DC table at the Smithsonian Indie Arcade.


All about the Smithsonian Arcades:
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Melanie Stegman

Melanie works on her game Immune Defense nights and weekends and sometimes presents her thoughts on introducing science through games.

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