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Board Elections and 2016-17 Plans

Dear Game Developers,

Your DC metro area IGDA chapter is making some big plans and looking for your help!  Since 2009 we have been growing and we have had one mission: support local developers.  Now we are taking our game to a new level.

  • We plan to amp up our speaker series, bringing you experts on technical and creative aspects of game development, marketing, management, and other topics germane to game development.
  • We plan to create a space on the web and social media for your games and a physical space to show your games to large audiences at what we’ve been calling the District Arcade.  We plan to hold it 3-4 times a year.
  • Additionally, IGDA-DC will facilitate and collaborate with other groups in the DC-Metro area. We will collaborate with American University on the Smithsonian Indie Arcade. We have reached out to many groups and we continue to do so, because we do not want to duplicate other’s efforts, but rather to facilitate them.

To support our big plans,

  • We are expanding the board to seven members, each of which has their own set of specialized responsibilities.
  • We are creating committees that support each board member.
  • Holding elections for our new Board Members on June 7th!  Throw your hat in the ring! Share your skills/gain new ones with us!

This plan is still a draft. We invite you to come and discuss it with us at our regular events:

Tuesday April 26th at Bravo Bravo (On Connecticut Avenue at L Street, Farragut North)
Tuesday May 10th at Bravo Bravo
Tuesday May 24th at Bravo Bravo or at a quieter location, because Jesse Ozog will be our speaker!
Tuesday June 7th: Bravo Bravo Vote for the new Board Members!

If you are a college student, come out!  If you would like to gain experience with social media, website maintenances, community manager communication skills.  If you would like to share your accounting skills, connections in the K-12, college, industry, or government, museums or non profits…   there are many roles we need help with. Please read our IGDA-DC Plan 2016-2017 and come tell us where you fit in!


Melanie Stegman (Curent board chair, draft writer and very interested in your feedback)
Callen Shaw
Joshua Jennings
Joshua McCoy
Chris Totten (Most recent Board Chair)
David King
James Jean-Claud
Dorothy Phoenix
Rae Heitkamp

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