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April 30 Saturday, Patriots Technology Training Center

The Game Creators Conference is part of the 19th annual Youth Summit on Technology which is presented by the Patriots Technology Training Center and the DC/MD/VA and Baltimore video game community.

Would you like
….. 400 play testers?
….. to present your college program to students and their parents?
….. to network with Baltimore and DC/MD/VA indies, developers, artists, writers, & professors?
….. to meet the future video game creators and see what they think is hot?

Can you lead a 1-hour workshop (twice) on a game related topic: Music, sound, art, writing, design, product management, programming, video and voice overs?  Or could you speak on the parents’ panel about careers, training, college and life as a game developer?  We need YOU!

Please apply to join us!  April 30 8AM – 1pm at Bowie State University, MD.

Tony Powell at Patriots

Seven of us showed our games in December at Patriots Video Game competition and we decided we needed to do it again, this time with workshops.

We will present a slice of our careers, focusing on how our work affects the player’s experience. We will demonstrate a tiny project and describe how our work is imagined, designed, technically created, troubleshot, play tested and iterated. We will present a brief glimpse of the full range of skills required by our work.

Four hundred kids are expected at this Youth Summit event. Bowie State has computer labs, with about 20 computers in each room. Workshop leaders will each lead two 1-hour workshops. HERE is a page of suggestions for how to plan a workshop. Send questions about what or how to present to Melanie Stegman (MolecularJig at gmail dot com).

Please register!
As soon as possible, please provide us with the following information: (Please use this form.)
….. Your name, email, job title and company.
….. Description of what you will present. (5 sentences maximum, for program and website).
….. Handout with links to helpful software, forums, communities, things you use. (1 page maximum, also for program and website so all kids can come back after the workshops to learn. Adding your contact information to this handout is optional.)
….. A link to a piece of free software (PC only) that we will load onto the workshop computers.
….. You will (possibly) also need: a tiny, prepared project to share with the students. We will have students available to help you get your project onto 20 computers before 9:30. Bring a USB Stick, do not plan to download anything.)

Expo   8-9 and 11:30-1.
We will have a table for you to display in the expo room from 8am-1:00pm. If you let us know in advance, will provide multiple laptops so that 5-10 students can play your games at a time. (PC only). (Coffee and light breakfast provided!)

Lunch is at 11:45. You can go or stay and network with each other or talk with kids. Remember to ask the kids what they think is cool: they are the future! The Game Creators Conference ends at 1.

April 30 Schedule of events:          

7:30     Set up your table and game
8-9:00 EXPO Students and parents play games
9:00     Keynote talk. We go to our rooms to get set up
9:30     1st workshop
Parents: Road Map for Middle and High School student to start career in the Video Gaming market (Mentor, Programs, Organizations)
Students: Programming, Unity3D game engine, 3d graphics, music/sound, game writing, game design, videography/voice overs, others.
10:30   2nd Workshop
Parents: Finding the right college program for a video gaming career
Students: Programming, Unity3D game engine, 3d graphics, music/sound, game writing, game design, videography/voice overs, others.

11:45 -1:00  Lunch and Expo     Door Prize Give-a-Ways

                        Sponsored by TBD This could be you! 

End of the Game Creators Conference

Keynote Speakers     Karen Price Ward, Southwest Airlines
1:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.       Social Media Game Show / Jeopardy Format
Flight Simulation Competition, Computer Building Competition
3:15 p.m.     End of 19th Annual Youth Summit on Technology

Workshop Speakers so far:
Melanie Stegman, Molecular Jig Games, indie game developer
(Event Organizer: email her for questions)
Will Gee, BaltiVirtual
Ricky McCallum, 3D Artist
Jesse Ozog, SmashRiot, indie game developer
Dorothy Phoenix, Cloudy Heaven Games
Tony Powell, Philosoplay, indie game developer
Robert Saunders, iBology, independent game developer
Derek White, videographer


Companies and Universities!
We still need lunch sponsors, a key note speaker and panelists to talk to parents.
Your logo could be everywhere: T-Shirts, emails, website!


Melanie Stegman of Molecular Jig Games at Patriots.

Melanie can be reached at MolecularJig at Gmail dot com

All of this information is on a Word Doc here: 19th Annual Youth Summit on Technology DETAILS incase you want to share it!

Building 26!

You are looking for Building 26, the Student Union building. This link will take you to the spot on Google map!

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Melanie works on her game Immune Defense nights and weekends and sometimes presents her thoughts on introducing science through games.

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